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Old Pond Comics is featured in the teacher's guide Lighting the Global Lantern by Terry Ann Carter published in 2011.

Illustrations of Kaeru the frog appear in Le Haïku en herbe (including on the cover), a haiku guide for schools by Isabel Asunsolo published by Editions l'iroli in 2012.

There's no white belt in haiku, an Old Pond haiku comics collection by Jessica Tremblay, was published in 2010. Contact the author to order your copy.


Lighting the Global Lantern, by Terry Ann Carter

Lighting the Global Lantern

Terry Ann Carter, 2011
ISBN 9780986547317
$25.00 CDN | US
7” x 10” pb, 212 pages

Lighting the Global Lantern: A Teacher’s Guide to Writing Haiku and Related  Literary Forms is clear and easy to read. It will serve as a fine resource for teachers who want to take their students beyond counting syllables to a better understanding of the true nature of haiku. -- MARCO FRATICELLI, haiku poet/educator/musician/editor.





Le haiku en herbe, by isabel Asunsolo

Le haïku en herbe

written by isabel Asunsolo
illustrated by Jessica Tremblay
Editions l'iroli, 2012
ISBN  978-2-916616-18-6
15 Euros
17 x  21 cm, pb, 160 pages

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There's no white belt in haiku, an Old Pond Comics collection by Jessica TremblayThere's no white belt in haiku

written and illustrated by Jessica Tremblay
8.5" x 11", 34 pages

"These are brilliant." -- Michael Dylan Welch

"A great way to teach and generate interest in haiku." -- George O Hawkins

"The Old Pond comics are masterful and everyone is sure to enjoy seeing them." -- Anita Krummins (co-editor of Frogpond)





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