Old Pond Comics


Old Pond Comics is published regularly in Frogpond, The Bulletin/Geppo, and on my blog.

Old Pond Comics is also available in French.




Frogpond (Haiku Society of America)Frogpond

Frogpond, 35:2, Autumn 2012, p. 144. "Cutting word"

Frogpond, 35:1, Winter 2012. "Frog is a season word" and "There goes my autumn haiku"

Frogpond, 34:3, Fall 2011. "Saijiki" and "Tadpole"

Frogpond 34:2, Spring/Summer 2011. “Bullet train“

Frogpond, 34:1, Winter 2011, p. 36. “A dragonfly“ and “Drinking pond“




The Bulletin/Geppo: a journal of Japanese Canadian Community, History & Culture (Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens Association)image

The Bulletin, November 2014, "Stretching his neck" (the geese)

The Bulletin, October 2014, "Have you come to save us" (Dragonfly)

The Bulletin, September 2014, "The insects complaining has begun"

The Bulletin, August 2014, "A masterly climb"

The Bulletin, July 2014, "Childress / We paddle carefully / through frog eggs"

The Bulletin, June 2014, "The bat"

The Bulletin, May 2014, "I love plop music"

The Bulletin, April 2014, "If you observe carefully, a haiku will come... but I don't see it"




The Bulletin, Nov 2013, "Add wings "a red pepper / add wings / a dragonfly"image

The Bulletin, October 2013, "He says a word / I saw a word / Autumn is deepening"

The Bulletin, September 2013, "The beginning of autumn decided by the red dragonfly"

The Bulletin, August 2013, "Powell Street Festival... good thing we have two days"

The Bulletin, July 2013, snail (2)

The Bulletin, May 2013, snail

The Bulletin, April 2013, Cherry Blossoms



Notes from the Gean

Notes from the Gean, vol. 3, issue 4, March 2012, p.54. "NaHaiWriMo - Day 6, 11 & 29"

Notes from the Gean, vol. 3, no. 2, September 2011, backpage. "Don't talk to haiku poets"

Notes from the Gean, vol.3, no.1, June 2011, backpage. "I captured a cherry blossom"


Other Journals

The Comics Decoder, Issue 5 (Winter 2013)

The Comics Decoder, Issue 4 (Summer 2013). "Catfish haiku club", "I'm going to make more noise", "Your haiku is hungry", "You'll eat when you write a haiku".

The Comics Decoder, Issue 3 (Summer 2012). "The soup, the salad", "A haiku will come", Get out of my road", "When is your date?"

 Lynx: a journal for linking poets (published by Jane Reichhold from Aha poetry), June 2011. "Linked poetry"

Haijinx, NaHaiWriMo article by Michael Dylan Welch

bottle rockets, v.12, No.1, issue #23, 2010, p.[72]. “Winter flies”


Old Pond Haiku Comics: A History and General Overview, The Comics Decoder, Issue 4 (Summer 2013).

Introducing Old Pond Comics, The Bulletin, April 2013







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