Old Pond Comics



The Master


Kawazu, a frog sitting in a pond, meets Basho and inspires him to write his most famous haiku poem by jumping in the water.

The Student

Kaeru the frog

Kaeru, a young frog, leaves his pond in search of a haiku teacher. He visits different schools and finally finds the perfect haiku teacher, Master Kawazu, sitting in a pond.

The Challenge

Kaeru writing

In order to become Master Kawazu's apprentice, Kaeru must participate in National Haiku Writing Month and write one haiku per day for a month. Lucky we're in February!

The Apprentice

Kaeru the frog

Kaeru becomes Master Kawazu's apprentice and works from 5 to 7... to 5! He quickly gets tired of counting syllables for his master.

Haiku Lessons


Kaeru receives his first the haiku lessons and realizes writing a haiku is more difficult than it looks.

Japanese Masters

Issa the haiku poet

In order to write a good haiku, you must read good haiku. Kaeru reads the work of Japanese haiku poets.

Cherry Blossoms

To reward his student, Master Kawazu takes him cherry blossom viewing.


Haiku conference

Master Kawazu and Kaeru attend the Old Pond haiku conference (where Kaeru meets one of his haiku idols), Haiku North America (HNA) and Haiku Canada.

Fun at the Pond

Kaeru the frog

When they're not teaching/learning haiku, Kaeru and Kawazu have fun at the pond.

NaHaiWriMo 2

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Once again, Kaeru must challenge himself and write one haiku a day for a month. And, to make things more difficult, 2012 is a leap year which means Kaeru must write 29 haiku in 29 days!

 NaHaiWrimo 2.5

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One more time, Kaeru wrote one haiku a day for a month in August 2012. Just for fun.

 NaHaiWrimo 3

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For the third year, Kaeru participates in NaHaiWriMo in February 2013 and writes one haiku a day for a month.




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